16 January, 2020

So Long, Stevia!

Recovering from Severe Nocturnal Double-Leg-Cramp by Taking a Double-Dose of Magnesium, Some Potassium, and Lots of Water to Flush Stevia from My System
I recently turned 64 years of age, and am in great health. I bicycle, play tennis, and run up stairs many times daily, so there is no reason for the muscle-cramping. If I need to sweeten my coffee or tea now, I will use turbinado or muscovado sugar, and work-off the calories. Flirting with muscular malfunction is idiotic, so my latest bottle of stevia has been chucked onto the Ash-Heap of History.
Three extended family members, all of whom had recommended stevia to me and given me some books on the subject, passed away relatively young. Those books are going into the dust-bin today. Some people may fare well on that substance, but for me, I would rather not wake up with crippling pain that makes it impossible to even get up and walk–that’s what happens when muscle-cramp strikes the entirety of both legs, whereas if it hits just one of your pegs, getting up to walk or lunge it out is possible. Bye bye Stevia, Sweetie!~M-J de Mesterton ©2020
Courtesy of Jeanne "M-J" de Mesterton
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