31 January, 2013

Montage of Misshapen Muffin-Topped Maidens

Why go around short-legged, double-gutted, and half-assed when you could simply wear your jeans at the waist, solving  all three self-imposed problems at once?


22 January, 2013

Selective Assertion of the Week

To paraphrase the U.S. president in his January 21st inauguration speech, "If we are truly created equal...", then why are his children protected by armed guards at their school, and the offspring of everyone else are left to fend for themselves? Just wondering....

11 January, 2013

Toraya Pâtisserie Japonaise, Paris

Exquisite and Health-Promoting Confections from the Elegant Japanese Pastry Shop in Paris, Toraya

Toraya Pâtisserie Japonaise Traditionnelle

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An Elegant Survival Wine: Panilonco Cabernet 2011

I love it when our dinner guests bring, as gifts, bottles of wine that are new to us. It is a fantastic way to taste a wine, because it is a recommendation from someone you are fond of, and having the bottle right there to drink with them constitutes instant gratification. This cabernet by Panilonco of Chile was smooth and excellent--here is the apt description from Trader Joe's website: "Its deep red hue reveals ripe red berries, blackberries, plums and black pepper on the palate. The mouth feel is full and supple, with velvety tannins and a long, round aftertaste." Panilonco Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 is available at Trader Joe's for about five USD.
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09 January, 2013

How to Be the Best-Dressed Woman Anywhere

How to Be the Best-Dressed Woman Anywhere was a Pamphlet Offered by the News, Now Known as the New York Daily News, and Its Clothing-Advice Would Be Welcomed by Some of Today's Elegantly- Dressed Ladies

The emphasis is on simplicity and modesty of dress with an eye to packing lightly, as well as on respecting  local traditions in foreign countries. Bare arms, shorts and short skirts are not welcome in primarily Muslim locations; shoes must not be worn in mosques; large silk scarves can enhance a plain and versatile frock, while allowing one to cover her head in a church or other religious environment. In this pamphlet, there is advice on what to pack that is still timely; wearing gloves and hats is not outdated by rather extremely practical and healthy while on a trip or going out in one's hometown. Click on my images to attain maximum size for ease of reading these fine old pages.~~M-J

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By Emmy Made in Japan: Making a Moss Ball

Elegant Ladies' Hats

 The Duchess of Cornwall Wearing a Cream-Coloured Hat, Reminiscent of the Hats Favoured by the Queen Mother, Shown Below

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