29 June, 2012

League of American Voters Warns against Cynical Power-Grab

The following message is sponsored by theLeague of American Voters:

Urgent Message From Dick Morris

Dear Fellow American:
The shocking Supreme Court ruling — a seeming victory for Obama — may turn out to be his worst nightmare.
Indeed, a sleeping giant, the American people, will be awakened.
And Obama and his supporters in Congress will pay a heavy price for pushing radical legislation that has already caused private insurance rates to skyrocket.
The Supreme Court ruled on a narrow issue of whether the individual mandate is legal.
But they did not rule on whether the law is a good or a bad one.
Most importantly the Court affirmed what I and many critics of Obama have been saying: Obamacare is a tax!
It is a tax on every individual to force them to buy health insurance.
It is a tax on almost every small business that falls under its onerous strictures.
It is a tax on seniors who will see benefits cut by $500 billion — who will now have to pay more out of pocket expenses — and who will be subject to rationing boards known as "death panels."
It is a tax on citizens and healthcare providers slapped with new excise fees.
It is tax on our most successful income earners — who will now see their capital gains and dividend tax rates be raised by 20 percent!
We must oppose and repeal Obama's "tax." We must expose the big lie about Obamacare, the lie that it improves health care in America. It doesn't. It just makes the system worse for everyone.
The League of American Voters — a grassroots organization I support — has been leading the fight against Obamacare.
Their efforts have already paid off with polls now showing the American people reject Obamacare.
Thanks to the League, more and more members of the House of Representatives and Senate now agree with you and me — Obamacare must be repealed FULLY.
If you agree with me — Go Here Now.
I can assure you we are within striking distance of doing this.
In fact, I can tell you that many Senators who voted for Obamacare now deeply regret it. They wish they could change their vote.
But their vote for Obamacare is etched in stone.
It can't be changed now and we can put the noose around these Senators for making such an outrageous vote.
I am helping the League shape a national media campaign to expose Barack Obama and his supporters in the Senate and the House.
The League urgently needs your help to do this. We can really expose the massive Obama taxes that are set to trigger next year — the most massive tax increase in history.
We need to act fast.
Already the liberal media spin doctors are peddling the claim that Obamacare is here to stay.
They are telling another lie.
It can be repealed.
But the League needs your help today — Please Go Here Now.
The League is headed by its National Chairman Michael Reagan. Michael is the son of President Reagan and one of America's most respected conservatives.
Michael agrees with me. We can REPEAL OBAMACARE FULLY.
But we need to do a massive TV, radio and Internet ad campaign.
That's where we need your help.
If you can make a donation today to the League of American Voters, we can begin our national campaign within days.
We need to act soon. Please donate today — Go Here Now.
Thank you.
Dick Morris
P.S. The Supreme Court ruling may turn out to be a blessing in disguise, the worst thing Barack Obama ever wished for. We need to counter millions being spent by left-wing groups to back Obama's agenda. Please help the League now. Go Here Now.
Paid for by the League of American Voters. Contributions to the League of American Voters are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Contributions from individuals and corporations are permitted by law and welcome.
League of American Voters    |    722 12th Street N.W.    |    Fourth Floor    |    Washington, D.C. 20005

21 June, 2012

Apricot Tree on June 21st, 2012

Apricots are ripe now. Birds love eating them right on the tree. The largest producers of apricots are Armenia, Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan, and Eastern Washington.
Prunus Armeniaca

09 June, 2012

Elegant Survival Watch: G-Shock

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The Intelligent, Elegant Military Watch by Casio

This elegant military watch by Casio, which corresponds with the Atomic Clock, has a countdown timer, an alarm, world-time feature that shows the time in a different city for each time-zone (London and Stockholm, to name two), Daylight-Saving Time adjustment, a timer, and many more features. The Casio G-Shock is a work of art which illuminates at the lifting of your wrist with a soft gold light, if you set it to do so. Casio is the eminent Japanese designer and innovator of military and survival watches. This particular model was designed to withstand falling from a seventh-story window, and is waterproof to 200 meters.
©M-J de Mesterton

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08 June, 2012

History-Lesson: Dire Warning about 2009 "Stimulus" Spending Bill

A Note from Ed Feulner on the So-Called Stimulus

Thursday, January 15, 2009 at 4:00pm
Dear Friend,
President-elect Barack Obama is heading to Bedford Heights, Ohio, on Friday to lay out his plan to resuscitate the economy.He has said the only way to rescue the economy is for the government to spend hundreds of billions of your tax dollars. This is simply not the case. Instead, we need economic policies that encourage long-term growth, and with your help we can spread this critical message. Here’s what you can do to help make the case for common-sense, pro-growth economic policies:

· Get Out the Facts.
Warn your family, friends, neighbors, and whoever else you find appropriate about the dangers of “stimulus” spending.

· Alert Your Community.
Speak out in your community by sending letters to the editor of your local newspaper or calling in to local talk radio programs to explain the conservative alternative to big government spending.
These are the facts compiled by The Heritage Foundation’s experts:

· No New Jobs or Money.
The proposed $800 billion “stimulus” package would not put any new money into the economy. Every dollar lawmakers “inject” into the economy must first be taxed or borrowed out of the economy. Robbing Peter to pay Paul will not make us wealthier or create jobs.

· The Numbers Don’t Add Up.
President-elect Obama claims that spending $800 billion would create 3.7 million new jobs. That means taxpayers pay $217,000 per job! Even the average pediatrician or lawyer does not earn nearly as much as these new jobs would cost. It would be cheaper to mail each of these workers a $100,000 check.

· We Need a Plan That Works.
Policymakers need to pursue stimulus policies that work, not ineffective policies that push our country further and further into debt. An effective policy should extend tax cuts or make them permanent for individuals. It should also help businesses create jobs by reducing tax rates on employers so that they can better compete against foreign firms.
All of us at Heritage are doing everything we can to impress upon the President-elect and Congress the importance of resisting the temptation to blindly turn to big government as the answer, and we need your help to get that message out to your community. To find out more and to get Heritage’s latest work on economic recovery proposals, click this link:
Thank you for your support of The Heritage Foundation.
Edwin J. Feulner, Ph.D.
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Dr. William K. Summers' Memory Revitalizer

Dr. William K. Summers of Santa Fe/Albuquerque, New Mexico has a patent  on his nutritional supplement,  
Memory Revitalizer.  
Read his curriculum vitae, and listen to Dr. Summers' taped radio shows, which also appear live on KKOB radio of Albuquerque every other Sunday afternoon.
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06 June, 2012

Paying Cash for Medical Services Costs Less than Health Insurance


THE U.S. HEALTH-CARE LAW IS PREDICATED UPON A FALSE PREMISE--READ BELOW ARTICLE. I received this information, which I have known and written about for years, in a newsletter from Newsmax, sans attribution:

Paying Medical Bills in Cash Slashes Costs

I know from experience that this is absolutely TRUE. And since the "health-care" law passed by Democrats, while they controlled the house and senate (without reading it, behind closed doors and with the help of bribes and threats), people's insurance premiums have skyrocketed to the point where it would cost them less to cancel their policies and just pay cash for treatment.

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