26 August, 2007

I've Never Stopped Wearing Knee-Socks--in Certain Venues

In Bermuda, where I stocked up on them several times, they were only available in the Men's version. As you can see, the sock foot, though size small, is still too large. I've lived with it for many years, though.

15 August, 2007

Elegant Survival's Source for Inexpensive Evening Gowns

Dress Like a Siren for a Song!

The Los Angeles company is called Buy in America. I'll start with this cocktail dress. Please see their sizing chart. I disagree with their numbers, but after all, what matters is how the dress looks.

Almost all of the company's dresses and gowns can be accompanied by their matching taffeta shawls--which are available at $6.00 each! Some really cute, old-fashioned evening bags and reticules are also on offer at Buy in America.

This next one is actually available in a 44-inch bust: Shimmering Cocktail Dress
Note: sometimes there are additional sizes listed a bit lower on the page.
At these prices, I can't accuse them of driving down the "plus size" to drive up the price of the dress.

Long Evening Gowns with Matching Shawls

Good news: Buy in America takes PayPal.

13 August, 2007

Queen Rania of Jordan Update

Queen Rania al-Abdullah of Jordan

Queen Rania al Abdullah Launches Diplomatic YouTube Site

Queen Rania al Abdullah of Jordan

"Send me your stereotypes". ~~Her Majesty Queen Rania al Abdullah of Jordan seeks to advance cross-cultural understanding and to send outdated ethnic stereotypes to the ash-heap of history. The Royal Hashemite Kingdom continues its customary tasteful goodwill and diplomacy. It's a brave thing Her Royal Majesty is doing, given the current climate of coarseness on the internet, where all manner of unqualified and bigoted opinions are aired. Queen Rania of Jordan is opening the proverbial Pandora's box in order to encourage cross-cultural understanding. Brava!

~~M-J de Mesterton

Welcome to Elegant Survival

Welcome Message, 2006:

Hello, and welcome to the blog for my website, Elegant Survival. I write about how to live elegantly on a low budget. Elegant Survival topics include cuisine, health, clothing, entertaining, and home decorating. I feature my friends, great artisans and sources of information.
Please visit my main web-site: Elegant Survival: Stylish Living on a Shoestring, where you will find material categorized into chapters. Thanks!

All the Best,

M-J de Mesterton

P.S. the tapestry on Elegant Survival  is of my ancestor, Birger Jarl, founder of Stockholm and first King of Sweden

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