20 August, 2019

Devonshire Pasties

My Devonshire-style pasties consist of short-crust dough filled with finely chopped raw ingredients: beefsteak, potatoes, rutabagas (swedes or turnips), and onions; the filling is mixed with a small amount of soft butter, salt and pepper; dough is crimped at the top, then pasties are baked at medium-high oven-temp for about an hour.
@M-J de Mesterton 2019
Courtesy of M-J de Mesterton
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29 July, 2019

Elegantly Simple Greek Salad

A Greek Village-Style Salad with Tomatoes, Spring Onions, Olives and Feta Cheese, Enhanced by Red Peppercorns and Olive Oil Vinaigrette with Cilantro
Courtesy of M-J "Dollie" de Mesterton
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Nuts for Longevity


Ingesting Nuts Enhances Cognitive Function, According to an Australian Study

 Read about anAustralian Study on Nuts' Benefits for Brain Health in Our Later Years

Walnuts Help to Prevent Prostate Cancer, Lower Your Levels of Bad Cholesterol, and Promote a Healthy Heart
Ingesting Nuts Enhances Cognitive Function, According to an Australian Study

  • One-quarter cup of walnuts provides more than 100 percent of the daily recommended value of plant-based omega-3 fats, along with high amounts of copper, manganese, molybdenum, and biotin.
  • Walnuts help reduce the risk of prostate cancer and breast cancer as well.
  • Walnuts contain the amino acid l-arginine, which offers several vascular benefits to people with heart disease, and those who have increased risk for heart disease due to multiple cardiac risk factors
  • Walnuts contain several unique and powerful antioxidants that are available in only a few commonly eaten foods.
  • Walnuts, eaten responsibly in quarter-cup daily doses, help with weight control, offer support for brain health and Type 2 diabetes.
  • Walnuts are Nutrient-Rich

Still Life with Violins, by M-J de Mesterton

Photograph Copyright M-J de Mesterton ©2016
Photo Copyright M-J de Mesterton 2016
Courtesy of M-J "Dollie" de Mesterton
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28 July, 2019

The Amazing Oil of Avocado

Avocado Oil Has Many Qualities that Enhance General Health and Beauty

Courtesy of M-J "Dollie" de Mesterton
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25 August, 2018

Making Strained Yoghurt, also Known as Greek Yogurt and Labneh

Save the Whey in a Jar for Making Smoothies
M-J’s Yoghurt-Straining System: a White Plastic Bucket with Tight-Fitting Lid,  the Sieve from a Small Oxo Salad-Spinner, Two Zip-Ties, and a Paper Towel

Make Your Own Labneh or “Greek Yogurt” by Straining the Whey-Liquid out of Plain Yoghurt

After You Have Strained Your Plain Yogurt, Save the Whey in a Jar for Adding to Health-Promoting Smoothies
Spreadable Yoghurt-Cheese
Greek Yogurt, Yoghurt Cheese
Straining the Whey out of Yogurt for about 24 Hours Produces a Spreadable Yogurt-Cheese~~LEFT: Labneh or Strained Greek Yogurt RIGHT: Yogurt-Cheese
Straining your own yoghurt (labneh) makes a delightful Mediterranean or Middle Eastern spread for bread or pita. Laden with labneh, sprinkled with zaatar Middle Eastern spice mixture and drizzled with olive oil, this pita bread is about to be reassembled for a magnificent taste-treat.

Another Method of Straining Yogurt from M-J in 2011

20 May, 2018

M-J's New Mexican Chile Almonds

M-J’s Roasted New Mexican Chile Almonds, © 2007

Soak one pound (16 ounces) of raw almonds in brine (I use health-promoting Himalayan salt) and red chile powder (New Mexican is the best), for at least an hour, preferably overnight. A teaspoon of sugar or honey added to the brine will ensure that the mixture adheres to the nuts. I like to use agave nectar when it is available. Drain the almonds and spread them out on a baking sheet. Reserve the chile/salt liquid. Roast in medium-hot oven for half an hour. Test for crunchiness only when completely cooled. If they are not tasty or crunchy enough for your taste, repeat the process by just dredging the almonds in the reserved liquid, then bake again for ten to twenty minutes, being careful not to burn the nuts. Almonds ought not to be eaten raw, as they contain a small amount of cyanide until they are roasted. These roasted nuts are an excellent party offering. Roasting the nuts this way is superior to coating them with oil, because your guests, even if they're not opposed to the stuff, won't welcome it all over their clothes.

17 May, 2018

Protect Your Blood Vessels & Overall Health with Hawthorn Berry Capsules

For effective heart-health nutrition, it's hard to beat hawthorn berries!

Used for centuries as an herbal cardiovascular tonic, hawthorn berries have antioxidant flavonoids with unique benefits for the heart and vascular system. They can be found in handy capsule-form.

18 September, 2017

Classic Safari-Style Clothing


Elegant Survival on Safari

Elegant Survival tip: the more of your skin that is covered by clothing, the safer you are from the elements, sun and insects in particular. Even in the U.S., insects can cause deadly diseases such as Lyme, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and West Nile virus. People assume that hot weather requires a baring of skin, which is a fallacy. Natural fibres have a wicking action to keep your skin dry of perspiration, thus keeping you cool. And, everyone but the unenlightened knows now that getting sunburnt/tanned on purpose isn't cool! Smart people wear long sleeves and trousers, long socks, boots and skirts. Do all you can to protect against malaria and other insect-borne diseases. Desert-dwellers cover as much skin as possible, and for good reason. So, whether you're in the high desert, the heavily-wooded forest, or in the savannahs of Africa, my elegant survival rule of covering yourself from head-to-toe with luxurious fabrics is infinitely relevant. ©M-J de Mesterton

NOW, CLICK HERE TO READ ANOTHER PIECE by M-J on DRESSING PROPERLY FOR SAFARI and other outdoor activities, published in 2008.

19 May, 2017

Flowering Cactus Creates Its Own Bouquet

Cacti bloom in the merry month of May. Not all of them bloom, and some cacti flower twice during the spring; weeks apart from the first blossoming, a cactus may surprise you and do it again, as in the case of this plant that is producing what looks like a white bouquet. These desert-flowers last but two or three days, closing up at night and opening with the sun.
@M-J de Mesterton

06 May, 2017

M-J's Dessert Made with Savoiardi

M-J's Tiramisu Gateau, Made with Savoiardi (Ladyfingers) from Italy
Here is what I use to make this elegant dessert,
 and at a super low price:

29 April, 2017

M-J de Mesterton Recommends Gloves for Health and Beauty

2017: M-J de Mesterton in a Carolina Herrera Wool Suit from 2003, with  Elegant Leather-Trimmed Lace Gloves

I wear washable cotton gloves while doing the marketing, twelve months of the year. I rub them with anti-bacterial gel in the car, and wash them immediately at home, letting them dry naturally on a towel so that they keep their elegant shape.
Supermarkets, shops and their surfaces are laden with germs and virulent bacteria that we can't see. Protect yourself and the health of your family by wearing gloves. 

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